Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three Gifts

copyright June 2009

Three gifts I was given
pen in hand
Writing and Riding is who I am

Who would have known
only One always knew
that my true path
would always come through

Believe in yourself and conquer
dreams showing light and wonder
Knowing before it happens
Feeling the thought
God comes through
all that we do
Writing and Riding
bring out what is true

The third gift one very special
was given to me to use carefully

Messages come in loud and clear
letting me know what will be
Doesn't matter what it is
The universe opens up and the answers appear

Tune in to how it feels
as the thoughts come and go
Time doesn't exist
as you well know

This other place that seems to be
between two worlds so apart but so near
Always present if you have the ear
to listen intently and learn
that the universe is there
to meet all that you yearn

It can happen anywhere
eating lunch or shopping
When a thought pops in
and you suddenly know
what's around the corner
for you or a friend in tow

Over the years it settled in me
that horse and pen will always be
the best way to connect
with what has always been around me
Some say they're angels
Some say they're family
I say thank God for these gifts
that I may always see
at any age in any place
what is most important to me
always dear is my family

One horse very special
an old soul is he
helping me along
on this most interesting journey

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