Friday, June 5, 2009

Sister Bernard

copyright 6/09

Sister Bernard I will always remember
Tiny woman, brisk and brittle
With an Irish brogue she spoke
She never sounded little

Assigned to write stories
I handed mine in
about an alien from space
trying to fit in with the human race

She said I had talent
a gift as it were
"Correct the punctuation" she said
"I want to enter it there"

A contest of creativity and writing skills
I was just seventeen
and ignored her requests
made earnestly every day
until finally put to rest

She was so disappointed
I did not comply
She believed in me
I let the opportunity slip by

Sister Bernard was my biggest fan
me, at seventeen
Such a shame
I was so in between

Now as I look back
Thirty plus years or so
Sister Bernard always comes to mind
and the way she tried to show
An early Angel trying to lead me on
to the path I would eventually know

A passion still growing
writing to write
back then I didn't know

Thank you Sister Bernard
for doing your best
Believing in me even though
I never met your requests

I took the long road
as often some do
And got here eventually
reaching our goal

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