Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pink and Green

copyright 1/09
Family can be a drag
like putting my head in a brown paper bag
Always judging
weighing every word
Never giving any credit
to what I say

All those private schools
getting the best education
what's wrong with trusting the fact
I'm a very smart brat

Maybe that's it
too smart to fit
So much snobbery
stifled emotions
highway robbery
in it's pure form
always having to conform

Pink and green
Country Club teas
Debutante parties
running rampant on the greens

Creativity stifled
trying to belong
Destiny always steering
surrounded by celebrity

Where was my star
waiting from afar
No time to linger
wasted years pointing a finger
Ignore troubled times from the past
God has your plan, it's a clear path
open your mind
and you will find
dreams of glory are not far behind

Your Best Chance

copyright 1/09
So wrong
for so long
Open your eyes
for such a surprise

He was there all the time
waiting in your heart
Things don't have to rhyme
just don't be apart

Give all to each other
there is no other
No holding back now

Best chances are peaked
when you both are tweaked

Can't keep his mouth shut
while I try to write
a love poem in all it right
But he won't be quiet
So he will lose out on all it's glory
by being a pain in the ass for wrecking my story.

Souls Collide

copyright 1/09
Excited Scintillation
Dreaming of
Hoping for
Nothing contained
Souls recognition again

Delight and glowing
Warm and tingly
Inside out
Outside in

Instant smile
Always beaming
Joy abounds
from familiar sounds
Quickly knowing deep inside

Souls collide
no place to hide

Love so deeply felt
like a runaway train
nothing can stop

Without a thought
Without a care
All misery gone
from past heartfelt woes

Oh God what do I do
Be his friend, he will come to you

All time non existent
No distractions here
His love is strong
and will not falter

Show your worth
keep it simple
He'll bow to your heart
as you smile and flirt

Anxious anticipation stirred inside
waiting, wanting so much to see
how the time has changed us
Alterations, no not me

At the sea thoughts all racing
back to him you can plainly see
How else could it be?

Never felt like this
hard to keep control
Must be patient
let it flow

Will he, won't he
yes indeed
He did thank God come to me

Souls collide
No place to hide

Monday, April 20, 2009

Love Lost & Found (copyright 1/09)

cppyright 1/09

Love lost
Love found

Nearly dead
searching for hope, wanting life
Golden days, balmy nights
Finding new ways
paths gone dark, now floods light

Second guessing, thinking too hard
Maybe yes, maybe no
Will he, won't he
do I want to know
dare I guess

Keep it simple, keep it slow
stay true as you grow
Have faith in God
your wisdom lost you will find

Gifts unfold before your eyes
love around you all the time
Don't go looking, let it flow
it will find you when least you know

Helpful, happy stay in truth

Churning tension
Mind in chaos
Hold head high
All will pass

Gods grace comes freely
No stone unturned
To make you happy

Lightness breeds in faith
Surrender so complete
Resting soul all encompassing
The release a total and amazing feat.

A life worth living

copyright 1/9/09
It was dark and dreary no hope in sight
The moon was full with clouds abundant
rolling slowly past the lone dim glow
Love's wanting, clawing need to know
that life is good in God's true light

Why banter needless words you know
for unknown reasons yet to see
Love's patience understanding woes
may change quite suddenly when real truth grows

Then dawn breaks dark to light
with blues and grays and white
A bright fresh day to begin anew
in God's great glory your spirit grew
and brought you here to seek what's true

A world of colors opening up to you
reds,greens,yellows and blue
God giving everything for you to find
His simple plan so easy so kind
no fear no darkness in your mind
Keep soaring reaching for who you are
and as you pause it's all quite clear
Right in front of you is all what's dear
Look and rest and all appear
Souls aiding you on your journey
colors bright and wondrous for you to touch
Reaching out as you travel
your path all aglow
with love and clarity as you go

No need unanswered
No crisis in sight
All appears in love and light
Embrace the truth
Life dwells fruitfully there
A place to cherish and build upon
A life worth living
All darkness gone.