Monday, April 20, 2009

Love Lost & Found (copyright 1/09)

cppyright 1/09

Love lost
Love found

Nearly dead
searching for hope, wanting life
Golden days, balmy nights
Finding new ways
paths gone dark, now floods light

Second guessing, thinking too hard
Maybe yes, maybe no
Will he, won't he
do I want to know
dare I guess

Keep it simple, keep it slow
stay true as you grow
Have faith in God
your wisdom lost you will find

Gifts unfold before your eyes
love around you all the time
Don't go looking, let it flow
it will find you when least you know

Helpful, happy stay in truth

Churning tension
Mind in chaos
Hold head high
All will pass

Gods grace comes freely
No stone unturned
To make you happy

Lightness breeds in faith
Surrender so complete
Resting soul all encompassing
The release a total and amazing feat.

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