Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Souls Collide

copyright 1/09
Excited Scintillation
Dreaming of
Hoping for
Nothing contained
Souls recognition again

Delight and glowing
Warm and tingly
Inside out
Outside in

Instant smile
Always beaming
Joy abounds
from familiar sounds
Quickly knowing deep inside

Souls collide
no place to hide

Love so deeply felt
like a runaway train
nothing can stop

Without a thought
Without a care
All misery gone
from past heartfelt woes

Oh God what do I do
Be his friend, he will come to you

All time non existent
No distractions here
His love is strong
and will not falter

Show your worth
keep it simple
He'll bow to your heart
as you smile and flirt

Anxious anticipation stirred inside
waiting, wanting so much to see
how the time has changed us
Alterations, no not me

At the sea thoughts all racing
back to him you can plainly see
How else could it be?

Never felt like this
hard to keep control
Must be patient
let it flow

Will he, won't he
yes indeed
He did thank God come to me

Souls collide
No place to hide

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