Monday, July 20, 2009


copyright 7/09

Riding on a rainbow of light
Flickering notes of air
Urging you on to find the peace you seek
on the other side

Your senses heightened
aware of color, sounds and light
Feelings of weightlessness in a dream
Pulling you forward into the quiet

Angels glide airily around you
sighing breaths of warmth and comfort
Soft engulfing waves of serenity
ease your mind into silence

A calming breeze
Eyes closed relaxed
Sleep envelopes
only to awaken the Spirit that resides
to open doors to the other world that awaits
As you finally slip into slumber
A rest sought after
A rest much needed
A rest so sound
and finally found

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wandering Grace

copyright 7/09

Who knows
When the wind blows
Do our thoughts soar to God

Do Angels carry around our hearts
Do Souls cry for unfinished dreams
Do Tears fall unheard

Will you find the answer

On your path while you travel
down the roads you choose
Always winding
this way and that
Sometimes long and sometimes short
Always learning, listening, watching

Follow your goodness
What God imparted at birth
Leave your heart
on all you encounter
Life was meant to ponder
as you wander

God's graces with you as you go
Greens, blues, silver and gold
Gifts are presented to you
Some that walk and talk and see
One so special on four legs he walks
Still comes to you in your dreams

A friend so rare so kind and true
to share your path and to help lead you
on the brightest road to follow
Searching to find who you are

God's graces always present
As you travel
Searching to find
The 'who" that He made 'you'

Angels carry our hearts
Souls cry for tears
Tears that are always heard
And answered

On Horse's Wings

copyright 7/09

Life can be so sweet
if you get off your feet
and soar through the clouds

With legs wrapped behind horse's wings
Together as one
Holding his mane in your hand
Feeling the wind in your hair

As you fly so high
Free and light
In God's sight
Angels accompany you
on your flight

A love that will never die
On horse's wings you fly

One heart
One breath
One dream
One love

On horse's wings you fly