Sunday, May 31, 2009

Alphabet For Life

This is not an original post, I am just referencing it because I would like to think we can all be like this.

Accept differences
Be kind
Count your blessings
Express thanks
Give Freely
Harm no one
Imagine more
Jettison anger
Keep confidences
Love truly
Master something
Nurture hope
Open your mind
Pack lightly
Quell rumors
Seek wisdom
Touch hearts
Value truth
Win graciously
Yearn for peace
Zealously support a worthy cause

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Prayers Spoken Softly

It seems these days nothing is safe
Not your home, not your money
It's take take take

This stimulus package is nothing but bunk
In order to keep food on your table
You have to sell all your junk

Families in strife
This is no life

Don't reward greed
Take care of those who work for their keep
who learned what we sow, we shall reap
Not steal from the poor to give to the rich
Where is the justice in this big ol' heap?

Nowhere to be found
Off hiding behind government sheep
who say "yes sir, yes ma'am"
"whatever you want"
To keep their positions and fodder their seats

Martha went to jail
for an act Congressman and Senators
do everyday without fail
She has more class than anyone in Washington
taking the heat voluntarily
for what they deem their right

They underestimate us
Belittle and poo-poo us
We will have the last laugh
Judgement comes eventually
On those who reward greed
instead of those who earn their keep

We will prevail
some think to no avail
We know right from wrong
We were raised to be strong
Never give up, never stop trying

Help the needy
Shut down the predators
False security on all channels
Time to release the truth
Give back to the people
who need the most aid

No more lies
No more spies
Liberty is our creed
It's what we need

Give us medical, support the aging
We know who you all are
Peacocks and hens
Constanly primping
Always staging

Time for prayers spoken softly
it's our only escape
from all the greed and deceit

We are all family
firm in our beliefs
Why our ancestors came here to get some relief
from losing their homes
to be able to speak

So it's time for prayers spoken softly
Save America's soul
Give back our country
Save America's soul

Monday, May 25, 2009

American Free

Cliches smiches
I'll say what I please
Don't care what anyone sees
They're my words as plain as day
I'll speak them clearly
Who cares anyway?

Life these days is crazy
Makes you lazy

How do you cope
when out of your scope?
wash your hands
don't touch, just hope

Jobless nation
nothing clear
No paychecks
No retirement
What happened here?

Where were we?
Mindless moving forward
Till a brick wall shows up in your face
saying go home, you have no place

Out of the wind
blowing loud and steady
our Saviour comes all ready
to challenge the evil
running rampant among us

Triumphant swords overcoming tyranny's rule
of mandating laws of destruction
no religion in school
no "In God We Trust"
What is this, is this a must
This is not us
Americans Free
The government should let us be

Where is our leader
Hugging enemies overseas
Apologizing for us
Embarrassed of us he sees

The world is watching
as history unfolds
This leader is not leading
He is bowing to robes
and promising away our futures
to be our children's woes

Four years goes quickly
and hopefully soon
another will come and take his place
The damage that has been done
will not be our doom

Integrity, dignity, character lost
Respect and honor
Should not bear a cost

Get out of our way
and be proud to say
I am an American in every way

Ingenious and brave are we
Americans Free
Surive, adapt and flourish
Just let us be
and this Country will soar
like it did before
What do you think the eagle stands for?

Certainly not for seeking out prey
it stands for regal, proud and strong
Americans protect and right the wrong
So again I say
Get out of our way
Be proud, don't falter
Honor each other without fear
Don't represent us with shame
Looking for us to blame

It's Memorial Day and where is he?
at Camp David fiddle dee dee
Ceremonies with military voices
Emotions evoked veterans remembering
Honor our brave and fallen
It is a very small token
for all they have given us
for all these years
Americans are we
Americans Free


Perfect breeze
waves crashing
whitecaps rolling
children playing, laughing, splashing

Sun's rays warming, cherishing your skin
Strolling beachers, touching shells
Salty sprinkles fill the air, touch your face
Calming senses

Toes caress soft grainy sand
cupping soles, instep softens
Sundresses blowing around tanned legs
Hand in hand, mothers teaching learning

So much peace
God's graces abound
Give thanks for creation
solid, yet air, wet yet sound

Coming Home

Back home again
always on the phone
Talking talking all the time
never listening not wanting to hear
The truth is waiting
all so very clear

Blaming blaming never good enouogh
So many gifts, so much talent
wasted words on anger spent
old memories that won't go easy
Get rid of anger, let it go
a future ahead so bright so bold
Dreams awash in blues and gold
Life is waiting for you to unfold

Write your music, sing your songs
God's listening waiting to hear your voice
Once you release it, all will rejoice

copyright 5/09

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I want a tatoo
What should I do?

I want a tatoo
its time is overdue

I want a tatoo
not just anyone will do

I want a tatoo
midlife crisis
what about you?

I want a tatoo
I must be out of my mind

I want a tatoo
nothing of the kind

I want a tatoo?
Nah, nevermind.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Clear blue skies pond calm and still
Sadie pony shining black and white
munching green grass at will
Cliff's chocolate tail swishing in the wind
as he stands napping in the shade
Noisey mower growling across the water
getting closer, horses prick their ears, lift their heads
Ducks fly in overhead
aiming aptly for a smooth pond landing
Pink paddle feet outstretched
speckled brown wings as open flaps
Heels down, toes up skiing to a classic glide
Splash, then ripples break the glassy surface
One, then two perfect landings
paddle to the grassy blind
now hidden and safe a nap they will take
Pink, blue and purple dragonflies dancing
Golden spotted black
no end to their prancing
Landing here and there greeting all with care
Hello, hello, good morning say the pair
Mama duck quacks hi, fluffy baby too
Cliff nods a wink while Sadie takes a drink
The pond is awake with life and glee
It's a happy day, summer is here to stay.