Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Clear blue skies pond calm and still
Sadie pony shining black and white
munching green grass at will
Cliff's chocolate tail swishing in the wind
as he stands napping in the shade
Noisey mower growling across the water
getting closer, horses prick their ears, lift their heads
Ducks fly in overhead
aiming aptly for a smooth pond landing
Pink paddle feet outstretched
speckled brown wings as open flaps
Heels down, toes up skiing to a classic glide
Splash, then ripples break the glassy surface
One, then two perfect landings
paddle to the grassy blind
now hidden and safe a nap they will take
Pink, blue and purple dragonflies dancing
Golden spotted black
no end to their prancing
Landing here and there greeting all with care
Hello, hello, good morning say the pair
Mama duck quacks hi, fluffy baby too
Cliff nods a wink while Sadie takes a drink
The pond is awake with life and glee
It's a happy day, summer is here to stay.

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