Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pink and Green

copyright 1/09
Family can be a drag
like putting my head in a brown paper bag
Always judging
weighing every word
Never giving any credit
to what I say

All those private schools
getting the best education
what's wrong with trusting the fact
I'm a very smart brat

Maybe that's it
too smart to fit
So much snobbery
stifled emotions
highway robbery
in it's pure form
always having to conform

Pink and green
Country Club teas
Debutante parties
running rampant on the greens

Creativity stifled
trying to belong
Destiny always steering
surrounded by celebrity

Where was my star
waiting from afar
No time to linger
wasted years pointing a finger
Ignore troubled times from the past
God has your plan, it's a clear path
open your mind
and you will find
dreams of glory are not far behind

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