Saturday, May 30, 2009

Prayers Spoken Softly

It seems these days nothing is safe
Not your home, not your money
It's take take take

This stimulus package is nothing but bunk
In order to keep food on your table
You have to sell all your junk

Families in strife
This is no life

Don't reward greed
Take care of those who work for their keep
who learned what we sow, we shall reap
Not steal from the poor to give to the rich
Where is the justice in this big ol' heap?

Nowhere to be found
Off hiding behind government sheep
who say "yes sir, yes ma'am"
"whatever you want"
To keep their positions and fodder their seats

Martha went to jail
for an act Congressman and Senators
do everyday without fail
She has more class than anyone in Washington
taking the heat voluntarily
for what they deem their right

They underestimate us
Belittle and poo-poo us
We will have the last laugh
Judgement comes eventually
On those who reward greed
instead of those who earn their keep

We will prevail
some think to no avail
We know right from wrong
We were raised to be strong
Never give up, never stop trying

Help the needy
Shut down the predators
False security on all channels
Time to release the truth
Give back to the people
who need the most aid

No more lies
No more spies
Liberty is our creed
It's what we need

Give us medical, support the aging
We know who you all are
Peacocks and hens
Constanly primping
Always staging

Time for prayers spoken softly
it's our only escape
from all the greed and deceit

We are all family
firm in our beliefs
Why our ancestors came here to get some relief
from losing their homes
to be able to speak

So it's time for prayers spoken softly
Save America's soul
Give back our country
Save America's soul

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