Monday, May 25, 2009

American Free

Cliches smiches
I'll say what I please
Don't care what anyone sees
They're my words as plain as day
I'll speak them clearly
Who cares anyway?

Life these days is crazy
Makes you lazy

How do you cope
when out of your scope?
wash your hands
don't touch, just hope

Jobless nation
nothing clear
No paychecks
No retirement
What happened here?

Where were we?
Mindless moving forward
Till a brick wall shows up in your face
saying go home, you have no place

Out of the wind
blowing loud and steady
our Saviour comes all ready
to challenge the evil
running rampant among us

Triumphant swords overcoming tyranny's rule
of mandating laws of destruction
no religion in school
no "In God We Trust"
What is this, is this a must
This is not us
Americans Free
The government should let us be

Where is our leader
Hugging enemies overseas
Apologizing for us
Embarrassed of us he sees

The world is watching
as history unfolds
This leader is not leading
He is bowing to robes
and promising away our futures
to be our children's woes

Four years goes quickly
and hopefully soon
another will come and take his place
The damage that has been done
will not be our doom

Integrity, dignity, character lost
Respect and honor
Should not bear a cost

Get out of our way
and be proud to say
I am an American in every way

Ingenious and brave are we
Americans Free
Surive, adapt and flourish
Just let us be
and this Country will soar
like it did before
What do you think the eagle stands for?

Certainly not for seeking out prey
it stands for regal, proud and strong
Americans protect and right the wrong
So again I say
Get out of our way
Be proud, don't falter
Honor each other without fear
Don't represent us with shame
Looking for us to blame

It's Memorial Day and where is he?
at Camp David fiddle dee dee
Ceremonies with military voices
Emotions evoked veterans remembering
Honor our brave and fallen
It is a very small token
for all they have given us
for all these years
Americans are we
Americans Free

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