Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I need Money

copyright 6/09

I need money
It is sooo not funny
Horses need shoes
and a shot or two
Whatever am I to do?

I need money
and it's not funny
What happened to the tree
that dropped cash down on me?
Blew away in the cold wind
after the market freeze came

I need money
man, it really isn't funny
Want a new car
Can't catch that star
It's way too far

I need money
yeah, I know, it isn't funny
Tried to win lotto
and that hasn't worked

Should have used that dollar
put it to better use
buying HRT for me
so I don't blow a fuse

I need money
it is actually funny
Got everything I need
Home,husband and animals
All who I can still feed

God drops gifts on us every day
somehow, someway
the money will appear
Maybe even today!

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