Friday, June 19, 2009


copyright 6/09

So many years
Yelling in each other's ears
Battling all through Prep School
Never giving in
Everything was your way
or the highway
No matter what I said

Live in my house
Live by my rules
So I moved out
and lived at school
The nuns were easier to handle than you

Thirty years older than me
A good father you tried to be
Kicking and screaming all the way
Rebellion and bad choices
you dealt with me every day

Today your memory fails
and your hearing is nearly gone
But I will always remember the days
when everything would go wrong
You were always there to say
You're safe and sound
Everything's going to be okay

So now on this special day
It's my turn to you I say
Dad, you're safe and sound
Everything's going to be okay

Hope this poem makes you glad
I love you very much
for being MY Very Special Dad

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